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Last month, we celebrated both Robyn and Shirley’s Children’s Dentistry anniversary. Hard to believe that Robyn has been with us for 21 years, and Shirley 37! Many of you know Robyn and Shirley well, but how well do you really know them?


Robyn and Shirley, what do you enjoy most about the office?

Robyn: “The patients is what I look forward to everyday.”

Shirley: “I enjoy everyday I get to work at Children’s Dentistry. My career is not only being an artist in doing fillings, but helping our patients and parents understand the importance of caring and fixing teeth. Being able to go to classes and dental workshops is so important and valuable to me.”

Do you have a favorite patient story?

Robyn: “I’ve had so many great patient experiences, but I truly love when a patient comes in with so much fear and anxiety and I’m able to change that by the end of the appointment.”

Shirley: “Once I was disclosing a teenage patient’s teeth for his check up visit and his mom started laughing and said that the red on her son’s teeth reminded her of a funny story. She said this happened in 2008. She remembers that she just started a new job, she was in a meeting, someone came in and told her that there was an important phone call from the summer camp her son was attending. She said she got on the phone and the camp counselor said that her son brought some red tablets to camp. He gave them to some of the kids and they chewed them up and now all their teeth are red! So of course we all know what that means. The red showed where the kids had not brushed. Mom said she was told that her son was not allowed to bring such things from home to share anymore. We all had a good laugh.”

What is your favorite room theme in the office?

Robyn: “I love the Bronco room, but the planes room is my favorite, because it’s bright with windows and the pictures of planes are awesome.”

Shirley: “My favorite room in the office is where the Frozen characters are. I love Olaf. He was my favorite from the movie. Wish we had a big Olaf. The kids love and know the snowman. My daughter skated competitively for many years and has a friend that is now playing the role of Anna in the Disney on Ice production of Frozen.”

Do you have family? Pets?

Robyn: “I’m married and have an amazing son, Jeremy.”

Shirley: “I have a daughter, Allison. She is attending the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley. She is the president of the ice skating club and teaches ice skating at the Greeley Ice Haus.”

What are your hobbies?

Robyn: “I love sports. Football, basketball, skiing and golf. Favorite vacation is to the beach. Also enjoy crafts, anything outdoors and fitness.”

Shirley: “I enjoy sewing—from skate dresses to bags and tooth fairy dolls. I have a passion for oil painting, Bob Ross was my hero. Taking photos are fun, especially with auto focus now. Bowling in a league use to be a part of my winters. Going to a concert or the theater is a bonus now and then. Sam Smith in concert was awesome. he sounded better live than on his CD. Phantom of the Opera was amazing and my daughter an I are going to see Wicked this summer. It should be a treat!”

What is something we might not know about Robyn and Shirley?

Robyn: “I love what I do in my career. Working with friends, families and kids. I have been assisting for over 30 years and wouldn’t change it for the world. I work with and for the best pedo dentists ever.”

Shirley: “I am involved with a Japanese dancing group. We have danced at the Cherry Blossom Festival, Obon and the Dragon Boat Festival. It is fun to dress up and dance in a kimono. The dances with the folding fan and flat fans are my favorite. I learned how to tie an obi last year. It was a challenge. I think my mom would have been proud.”

Now you know a little more about two of our amazing assistants, Robyn and Shirley.



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