Aetna Dental Insurance At Children’s Dentistry

At Children’s Dentistry, we are happy to file dental claims with your insurance provider, including Aetna dental insurance. Our team is here to help you understand your benefits and coverage every step of the way!

When it comes to getting dental care for your child, finding a provider that you can trust is vital and essential. Children’s Dentistry is a leading pediatric dentistry provider for Westminster and the surrounding area, and we take pride in making dental visits fun!

Aetna Dental Insurance Coverage

If you’re looking for a kid’s dentist that works with Aetna, we can help! We want to help make sure that you understand the details of your plan and how it relates to the dental care that your child needs. All dental plans offer different levels of coverage and benefits depending on your choices when you enrolled in coverage, but our team can help you understand what your coverage means for your out-of-pocket costs.

Aetna plans, like all insurance providers, typically provide a percentage of coverage for costs for preventative dental care like cleanings, x-rays, and exams, and some amount of coverage for restorative procedures as well.

Our team will help estimate your costs based on your plan benefits, and then we will submit a claim on your behalf to your insurance provider. Ultimately, your insurance provider and plan details will determine the amount of your claim that gets paid through Aetna.

Care At Children’s Dentistry

At Children’s Dentistry, our patients are our top priority. We are a leading provider of pediatric dental care in Westminster and the surrounding areas. We understand the importance of dental health for your children. We offer care for infants, toddlers, and children including x-rays, tooth bonding, dental fillings, extractions, and cosmetic services.

We are experienced in working with children of all ages, and we’re ready to make the experience comfortable and easy for your child! Call our office today to schedule an appointment, or if you have questions about working with your Aetna dental insurance plan!

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