Dr. Nelle | Westminster, CO

Smile Again

Did you know that in Dr. Nelle’s spare time she is president of the Metro Denver Dental Foundation(MDDF)? MDDF runs a program called Smile Again, which provides cost free restorative dental care to survivors of domestic abuse in an effort to help individuals restore their oral health, assist in their recovery and support their efforts…
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Toothpaste Rules

Parents ask us, “What type of toothpaste should my child use?” Many companies market specialized products geared towards children, save your money! Your child can use any toothpaste with flouride that has a Seal of Acceptance from the American Dental Association. Brushing teeth twice a day(after breakfast and before bed) provides greater benefits than brushing once. Parents…
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We Fix Baby Teeth!

Parents ask why we save baby teeth when children will lose them at age 5 or 6. Well, aside from the extreme pain your children will endure from not properly treating decay, primary teeth(baby teeth) serve a purpose. Here are a few reasons why primary teeth should not be taken lightly: Primary teeth help guide…
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