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Say Cheese

Healthy snack options for your kids are not always the most convenient options.

You always hear about foods that are not good for your teeth, like foods and drinks that are high in sugar. But what about foods that actually help your mouth fight harmful bacteria? They exist and cheese happens to be one of them.

That’s right, cheese can actually help prevent the formation of cavities by neutralizing plaque acid. Because cavities love acidic environments, fermented dairy products make the mouth more alkaline, driving pH levels higher, creating a more neutral environment for your teeth. Saliva works hard to increase your pH, but if you consume food or beverages that are highly acidic, cheese can help balance pH levels faster.

In addition to lowering the acidity in your mouth, cheese also contains various compounds that can adhere to tooth enamel and help protect teeth from acid, providing a protective blanket over your teeth.

So, next time you grab a snack on the go, reach for a slice or stick of cheese.

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