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Dr. Betty Barr Financial Scholarship Winners

Thank you to all the high school seniors who took time out of their busy end of the year schedules to apply for the Dr. Betty Barr Financial Scholarship. All the essays were impressive, making it extremely difficult to select just one winner. Dr. Betty decided to kick in an additional $500 to award a second recipient! Phew, that takes a little pressure off just choosing one.

We are happy to announce that the recipients of the 2015 Dr. Betty Barr Financial Scholarship are Lucas Dorton and Mishayla Huppert. These two graduates demonstrate integrity, perseverance and hard work in every aspect of their life. Here is a glimpse into their essays.

Lucas Dorton has been a Children’s Dentistry patient since 2000! He will be attending Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato, Minnesota this fall. He participated in student senate, eagle choir, drama club, baseball and Boy Scouts of America. Lucas started his own hockey podcast and is a frequent guest on several other podcasts, very cool.

“I continue to work hard and apply 100% to everything I do in and out of school. I do not give up on myself and if I fail, I get back up and try it again. I really do try to do my best at leading my life with integrity, perseverance and hard work. My parents have always told me that academically they expect me to do my best, and want to always see me striving to do better, but what they absolutely expect me to do is to treat people respectfully and be a kind, loving person.” – Lucas Dorton

Mishayla Huppert has been a Children’s Dentistry patient since 2002! She will be attending Metro State University in Denver this fall. Mishayla completed an intensive four-year math, science and technology based program called, Legacy 2000. She also completed many AP courses, ending her high school education with a 4.019 GPA, wow!

“During these past four years of high school, I have shown integrity, perseverance and hard work. It hasn’t been easy to stick to these values. It was challenging and required me to stay dedicated. But each time I showed these characteristics, there was an amazing outcome in the end. These characteristics are going to be important all throughout my life. I am proud of what I have accomplished so far and am excited to see what I can accomplish in the future.” – Mishayla Hubbert

We are so proud of our graduating seniors and wish them the very best of luck. Congratulations to Mishayla and Lucas! We will be looking for 2016 graduates next spring.

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